Cast announced for Grease – The Arena Spectaular!

We are so proud to announce the cast of this fabulous show!
You’ll notice a few spots haven’t been filled yet… watch this space for some more announcements soon!
In the meantime, if you want to make sure you’ll see them in action, you can grab tickets from ILT Stadium Southland or online at:


Danny TBA
Kenickie Tim Lindsay
Doody Sam Cullen
Roger Nepia Ruwhiu
Sonny Kyle Hart
Sandy Kayla Wilcox
Rizzo Ashleigh Reid
Jan Sophie Worner
Marty Madison Brown
Frenchy Aleisha Kennard
Patty Kate Loan
Eugene Benjamin Williams
Johnny Casino/Teen Angel TBA
Vince Fontaine Steve Broad
Cha Cha Bella Robert
Miss Lynch Ilana Edlin
Ensemble Caleb Bell

Jesse Dodd

Tom Doyle-Franklin

Jack King

Michael Kuresa

Nick Mason

Caleb McKenzie


Summer de Thierry

Justine Maguire

Amanda McCorkindale

Matilda Phillips

Rachel Rankin

Gina Stevens

Chorus Veronica Cope

Amy Lee

Melissa McKenzie

Rachael Scott

Kaytlin Tomlins

Maggie Townley

Svetlana Reshetniak

Christina Van Dyk

Emma Williams