Memberships are a great way to support the work of Invercargill Musical Theatre by contributing to the costs associated with administration, facilities, and the services provided to members. We have a range of subscription options available with different benefits.

Membership Categories

Life Members
Ongoing Membership – no cost

Platinum Members
$500 per calendar year
Gold Members
$300 per calendar year
Silver Members
$40 per calendar year
Student Members
$20 per calendar year

Platinum Members receive 2 tickets and a programme to the major show plus a one-off 2 for 1 deal on tickets for second show e.g. theatre restaurant, junior show.

Gold Members receive 2 tickets and a programme to the major show

Subscriptions are due on 1 January each year and must be paid by 28 February or membership lapses. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Student subscriptions expire on 31 December of each year, regardless of the time of joining. No discounts are given for part year memberships.

Become a Member

If you would like to become a Member please email us:

The Legal Stuff

The purpose of levying membership subscriptions is to make a meaningful contribution to the costs of the administration of the society and the facilities and services provided to members.
Membership of the society shall always be subject the approval of the committee. The committee may terminate or suspend the membership in any category of any person if the committee, in its absolute discretion, considers such membership to be prejudicial to the purposes or interest of the society and/or the activities of any member brings or is likely to bring the Society into disrepute.

Any member failing to pay the annual subscription in full by 28 February shall be deemed to have resigned from the society. Any new member joining after 28 February shall pay the annual subscription in full within 28 days of approval of his or her membership by the committee.

Every person participating as cast in any society production must be a member of the society (in any category).